Abilify – Class Action

Possible Class Action – Abilify

Arnold Thomas & Becker are currently taking enquiries from people within Australia who have been prescribed Abilify and / or Abilify Maintena and who developed changed and abnormal compulsive behaviour including a compulsive gambling habit as a side effect of the medication.

Abilify was first approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in May 2003. In Australia, Abilify and Abilify Maintena are approved for use in treatment of Schizophrenia and Bipolar 1 disorder. Abilify has often been prescribed “off-label” to treat major depression.

We are investigating whether the drug manufacturer and marketers, Otsuka Australia Pharmaceutical Pty Ltd and Lunbeck Australia Pty Ltd, provided timely and adequate warnings about the risk of developing compulsive behaviour, such as compulsive gambling, to their consumers and prescribers.

What warnings were provided?

  • In Europe the Warning label was changed in October 2012 to include a special warning that Abilify could cause pathological gambling
  • The Canadian Warning label was changed in November 2015 following a report from Health Canada to include a warning relating to the risk of pathological gambling and hypersexuality
  • The United States Warning label was changed in January 2016 to include pathological gambling. Following a safety announcement made by the US Food and Drug Administration in May 2016 the label was again updated in August 2016 to include pathological gambling and other compulsive behaviours in the warnings section.
  • In Australia the first warning was not provided until September 2016 when the Consumer Medicine Information for Abilify was modified to include warnings of compulsive gambling.

We are interested in hearing from people who experienced changed and abnormal behaviour while taking Abilify and / or Abilify Maintena that was uncontrollable and compulsive including:

Compulsive Gambling, Compulsive Shopping and Sexual Behaviours

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