$1 million success for injured worker


One of our clients recently received a $1 million settlement after a traumatic and life-changing workplace accident.

The client, who wishes to remain anonymous, was working on an elevated work platform (EWP) at a height of 20 metres, when the EWP fell from the edge of the work area and toppled over. The client was tipped from the basket and then pinned beneath the EWP.

Principal, Travis Fewster, who represented the client, said that the client’s workplace cut many corners and several accidents had previously been narrowly missed due to inattention to detail.

“It is the law for employers to provide a safe and risk-free environment, as far as is reasonably practicable,” Travis said. “In this case, the workplace failed to do that and now our client lives with ongoing physical and mental challenges.”

The client suffers ongoing headaches, back, neck and leg pain, as well as general aches and pains as a result of the accident. He also experiences sensory disturbances as a result of nerve injury.

On top of the physical pain, he is dealing with the psychological struggles of knowing he may be unemployable for future work and is genuinely fearful of triggers such as heights and heavy machinery. He is also unable to drive as he feels unsafe, with an inability to properly turn his head.

“While we cannot ease his physical and mental pain, this major settlement success gives our client hope for his future and will ease the financial burden,” Travis said.

If you have been injured at work in Victoria, you will be entitled to compensation under the Victorian WorkCover system. This is a ‘no-fault’ scheme, and you can still make a claim even if the accident was your fault. For more information, visit our Workers Comp webpage.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident or illness you may be able to make a common law claim instead of, or as well as, a WorkCover claim. For more information about common law claims, visit our Common Law webpage.

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