Weekly Payments

If you are injured at work and are unable to perform your normal work hours, you are entitled to weekly compensation for lost wages. The amount you are paid and how long you are paid depends on several matters including:

  • Your pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE);
  • Whether you worked overtime prior to your injury
  • How long you have been in receipt of payments; and
  • Your current work capacity.

Weekly payments are capped at twice the State average weekly earnings. As at July 2023, the maximum weekly rate payable was $2,660* (*indexed annually).

Your entitlement to weekly benefits is calculated at:

  • For the first 13 weeks following your injury: 95% of your PIAWE;
  • After 13 weeks: 80% of your PIAWE;
  • After 130 weeks:
  • 80% of your PIAWE if you have no current work capacity and this is likely to continue indefinitely; or
  • If you have returned to working at least 15 hours per week, are earning at least $177 per week and are likely to remain incapable of working beyond this level as a result of your work injury: 80% of your PIAWE less 80% of your actual earnings.

You are also entitled to receive superannuation contributions whilst in receipt of weekly payments after you have received weekly payments for 52 weeks.

Determining and calculating your weekly payment entitlements can be a complicated task that many WorkCover insurance companies calculate incorrectly. If you do not believe that your entitlements have been properly calculated by WorkCover, you should contact us immediately for advice.