Tasmanian Institutional Sexual Abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse, suffered at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre (AYDC), should carefully consider all their legal options, before joining any class action against the Tasmanian Government.

Recently, it was announced that a firm was preparing a class action in response to allegations that the government breached its duty of care to former detainees of the AYDC, many of which were children who had been housed in the detention centre because foster homes could not be found for them.

The main allegations of the class action relate to excessive use of isolation, excessive strip searching and other forms of abuse which led to a variety of psychological problems for the former detainees.

Arnold Thomas & Becker has represented many survivors and achieved significant settlements for clients and believes that survivors are better off taking individual action against the government.

All victims of institutional sexual abuse, including former detainees, state wards, clergy abuse survivors and others, should speak to an abuse lawyer independently, before pursuing a class action or entering into any compensation agreement such as the National Redress Scheme.

What about the National Redress Scheme?

Similarly, the National Redress Scheme is not a suitable option for most survivors. Where survivors have suffered significant negligence of repeated abuse, and repeated failures to take steps by the state, they should be compensated far beyond the scope of the redress scheme.

A civil law case with Arnold Thomas & Becker can be significantly higher and more in line with what survivors could receive, than what the Redress Scheme cap of $150,000 will provide. Our experience indicates that compensation amounts could be three to four times the amount of the redress scheme cap. We have preciously secure compensation close to $1M for survivors.

How Arnold Thomas & Becker can help

Our specialist team offer legal advice and aim to settle abuse matters as quickly as possible. In some instances, we have issued proceedings in the same week as the meeting with the client.

Our team works to bring civil actions on behalf of victims to attain significant compensation for all types of abuse. Our previous cases have seen substantial payouts, well above the redress cap.

We look to provide survivors a voice, vindication, validation and justice.

In 2018, Tasmania abolished the limitation period for civil claims arising from child abuse, which means there is no longer a time limit for survivors to take legal action.

If you would like further information on how we can assist, please call our team 1300 333 300 or submit the enquiry from below.