Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
for Injury Claims

The last few years have seen a surge in motorcycling on our roads. During the pandemic, motorbike sales increased by 22% delivering 20,000 additional motorcycles to Australian roads. With more motorbikes on the road, unfortunately the chances of accident, injury or fatalities increase.

Sadly, in 2021, 43 motorcyclists died on our roads, compared to 33 in 2020. Each year in Victoria over 2,500 people are injured in motorcycle crashes. Around 60% of motorcyclist deaths involve other vehicles.

If you been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should consult with a motorbike accident lawyer, as you may be eligible for compensation. Arnold Thomas & Becker Motorbike Accidents Lawyers are here to help. We are experts in road accident law.

When you are admitted to hospital or are treated by another medical practitioner for your motorcycle accident injury, it is likely they will receive payment from the TAC for your treatment. The TAC may be able to indemnify you, even if the accident was your fault, meaning they could cover compensation. Many motorcycle accident victims are entitled to additional payouts and benefits from the TAC and some are not aware of this.

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Depending on your circumstances your motorbike injury claim could include;

• Pain and suffering
• Loss of wages
• Medical and like expenses
• A Lump Sum Impairment Benefit; and
• Lump Sum Common Law Claims for Damages
• Household Support Services for all costs to cover maintaining your household whilst you recover
• Travel costs to towards travelling to and from necessary medical appointments

A widowed spouse or other bereaved dependents such as children may make a compensation claim on behalf of the deceased motorcycle rider.

Common questions

In 2022, 56 Victorians were killed on motorcycles and 954 were hospitalised with a serious injury.

Motorcycle accidents are caused by a variety of factors, for example failure to detect motorcycles in traffic, vehicles turning left in front of a motorcycle, speed, blind spots and lane filtering.

Most fatalities are caused by vehicle collisions coming from the opposing direction or motorcycles being run off the road.

Around 60% of motorbike accidents are caused by another vehicle.

TAC pay for all ‘reasonable’ medical expenses if the TAC claim is accepted. For more information, visit our road accidents page.

Motorcycle accidents occur on urban and regional roads to equal measure. However, collisions can be more damaging when speeds are increase over 80 km per hour, which is most likely to occur in regional settings.

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