Road Accidents / TAC Claims

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If you have been injured in a transport accident you may be entitled to compensation from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). The TAC has a ‘no-fault’ scheme with benefits that are available even if you caused the accident.

This is because no matter who was at fault, road accidents have a major impact on all of those involved. There are the injuries that are sustained by all parties, insurance payouts, vehicle damage and the loss of a vehicle that could be used as an essential part of the driver’s job. There is going to be recovery time from the injuries and in some cases there may be permanent damage that dramatically changes the life of the person or people involved. That is why compensation is available, to help all parties mitigate the pain of road accidents.

Entitlements include:

Where someone else has been negligent you may also claim Common Law damages. This includes compensation for your pain and suffering and past and future loss of income. These claims can be very significant. As of July 2019, the maximum payout is currently $1,816,050. This does not include medical and like expenses, these will be paid ongoing.

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Being injured in a traffic accident is, of course, a traumatic experience. Your first priority is your health and well-being but as soon as possible after the accident, you should take steps in preparation for lodging a claim. It’s important to record as many details of your accident as you can as this will help in the processing of your claim.

If possible, you should make a note of:

  • The location, date, time and circumstances of the accident
  • Registration number and descriptions of vehicles involved
  • Names of persons in the vehicles involved
  • Names and contact details for any witnesses
  • Details of any police reports (if the police didn’t attend you should make a report before lodging a claim)

You should also keep a record of any medical treatment you have received following the accident including the names of the health professionals involved.

In order to claim compensation for weekly payments or medical expenses, you should also obtain a TAC Certificate of Capacity from your doctor.

Before lodging your claim with the TAC we strongly recommend you contact us for independent legal advice to ensure you receive the maximum compensation benefits. We’ll make the whole process simple and stress-free. Consultation is free, and remember you pay no fees unless you win.

TAC claims in Victoria

Unlike some other states, Victoria has a “no-fault” scheme which means you can lodge a claim regardless of who was at fault in the accident. This means you can lodge a claim even if you caused the accident. If you live outside of Victoria contact us for advice on the benefits available to you.

Insurance companies have a lot of resources on their side so we like to level the playing field. We will work for your best interests and remove stress, so you can concentrate on getting better.

Eligibility for lodging a TAC/car accident claim

You are able to make a road accident claim if you or the person you represent was injured or died in an incident involving a car, bus, motorcycle, train or tram. Pedestrians and cyclists are also covered under the scheme.

Time limits

If you have been in a transport accident in Victoria, you must lodge your claim within one year from the date that the accident occurred.

There is a time limit of 6 years for TAC claims in Melbourne. In some cases there may be exceptions. Contact us to check your eligibility. The sooner you lodge your application, the sooner you will receive compensation for costs you will likely already be incurring such as medical expenses.

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Your financial position or bank balance shouldn’t be the metric on whether you are entitled to fair compensation or not. So if our team of expert Melbourne lawyers determine that you have valid cause for compensation, we will take on your case on a true no win, no fee basis. That means you will not be billed for the hours we work on your case and there will be no other fees involved as well unless we win your case. This model ensures you can access support through car accident lawyers in Melbourne, without the stress and worry about paying the bills in the meantime. We will get the fair outcome you deserve so you can concentrate on your recovery and the repair or replacement of your vehicle.

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The team of lawyers at Arnold Thomas & Becker are also available for a wide range of other services, including personal injury as well as highly serious incidents like sexual abuse where you need a sensitive and compassionate representative who also understands the judicial system and how to deliver a fair outcome for you.

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TAC Claim FAQs

In our experience, the TAC often do not pay your maximum entitlement to income benefits, medical expenses and lump sums. In order to claim damages for pain and suffering and lost wages, you will need a TAC lawyer to represent you.

If the TAC refuses or ceases to pay you compensation, a review must be sought within 12 months. An application can be lodged with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). You should seek legal advice from us concerning referring the matter to VCAT. Arnold Thomas & Becker act assertively when it comes to protecting your rights.

If you are involved in a transport accident while working, you will be entitled to compensation under the WorkCover system. However, you may also have common law rights to further compensation under the Transport Accident scheme. You should contact us for advice as to how this works. However, if you are injured on your way to or from work, your injury will usually be covered with the TAC.

The Transport Accident Act 1985 requires Independent Impairment Assessors to apply the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th Edition when assessing level of permanent impairment of a transport accident victim. A Whole Person Impairment percentage is calculated and then used to determine the amount of lump sum compensation payable to the injured claimant.

Even if you were at fault in a transport accident, you will still have potential entitlements to the ‘no-fault’ benefits which can include weekly compensation for lost earnings, reimbursement of medical expenses and a lump sum amount of compensation for permanent impairment. You should seek legal advice from us concerning these entitlements and so that we might take your further instructions regarding the circumstances of the accident and whether a common law claim to sue another party might be possible.