$1 million superannuation insurance settlement for our client

Despite millions of Australians holding a superannuation account, many are unaware of their entitlements to superannuation insurance should the need arise. This is particularly the case when an injury or illness affects the ability for a person perform their employment activities – even if the injury or illness occurs outside of the employment setting.

A superannuation insurance claim can be pursued for any illness or injury (physical or psychological) that affects your ability to perform your employment activities, regardless of how it occurs.

Claiming superannuation insurance for a non-work-related illness or injury

Our client became extremely unwell while travelling overseas in 2019, where he was hospitalised in a foreign country with acute dissection of the hepatic artery in the liver requiring surgical repair.

He returned to Australia and underwent further surgical procedures in early 2020, including a bile duct clot removal and hernia repair. Throughout this whole process he lost part of his liver.

When he attempted to return to his self-employed role as a cabinet maker, he discovered that he was unable to perform his pre-illness level of duties. Unfortunately, after over 35 years in the industry, he had to sell his business.

Our client found himself incredibly stressed and under financial strain – not only had he suffered from a plethora of medical conditions, but he was now unable to continue working in the only industry he was experienced in.

“I had no idea if I was able to claim for anything until I did a bit of digging around,” our client said. “I had been paying insurance for years so thought surely I was entitled to some cover.”

The superannuation claim process

When speaking to his family, our client realised he may indeed have superannuation insurance entitlements. In September 2021, he contacted our expert superannuation lawyer, Joshua Bond, and it was established that our client had a claim – without a shadow of a doubt.

“I was blown away by everything our client had been through. He had been incredibly unwell and was basically unable to perform any sort of manual labour – which is the only field he was trained and experienced in,” Joshua said.

“He had plenty of medical evidence that he could not ever return to that type of work, and because of this there was simply no disputing that he was entitled to his superannuation insurance benefits.”

Dealing directly with insurers can be a long, tedious and confusing process – where an expert superannuation lawyer can help to simplify it and do all the work for you, and swiftly.

Within five months, our client received a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) settlement in excess of $1 million, a process he says was made so simple and easy despite all the trauma he had gone through.

“I am so grateful to Joshua and the team for this incredible outcome that has eased the financial burden and allowed me to move forward,” he said.

Since the ordeal, our client helps to run his daughter’s café. It is a total pivot on his previous occupation, with no manual labour and predominantly administrative duties, but it is something that keeps him busy.

“My days do look a little different now, but I am so pleased with the result,” our client said. “I would definitely encourage other people in a similar situation to check your superannuation accounts and reach out to Josh and the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker to help you get the insurance benefits you’re entitled to.”

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