Blue Knot Day: Supporting survivors of trauma

Thursday 27 October is Blue Knot Day, a national day for Australians to unite in support of the more than five million adults who have experienced complex trauma.

Blue Knot Day reflects the work the Blue Knot Foundation does every day in educating the community about trauma, and creating a safe space for people to talk about their healing journey.

Many of our clients have suffered trauma. For most, their lives were irrevocably changed by it, but at Arnold Thomas & Becker, we fight to give these clients a better future with opportunities to move forward and ease the financial burdens that come with their experiences.

One of our clients said that the awareness Blue Knot Day Foundation spreads is fundamental for those suffering from trauma.

“On 27 October I am able to lift my head high and share the importance of support and guidance of lived trauma,” our client said.

“It gives us – as well as our families, friends and communities – understanding and education. A life experience of trauma is often mentally and physically destructive. Awareness will spread understanding and compassion. This is what we need for positive change, for us and our future generations to come. Thank you Blue Knot Foundation.”

Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer Cameron Doig said, “As more Australians speak out about their experiences of living with complex trauma, the more the community recognises and understands this widespread challenge.”

“Blue Knot Day provides an important opportunity for survivors and supporters to recognise the struggles and aspirations of those recovering from complex trauma. For abuse survivors, this day reminds us of the ongoing struggle for justice against historical wrongs that have left lasting impacts on thousands of Australians,” Cameron said.

For more information, and to join Blue Knot Day’s annual Festival of Healing, visit their website:

We understand that trauma is not solved by any dollar amount – injuries are long-lasting, affecting many areas of survivors’ lives. However, we will fight for the compensation you deserve to support you in your healing. If you, or someone you know, has experienced trauma and would like to have a confidential discussion, call us on 1300 333 300.