Claiming super insurance after a physical injury

Our client, Brett, has never been able to return to work since a traumatic accident in 2020 that left him with severe injuries.

Brett was working on a truck, pulling a tarp over a steel coil, when the tarp suddenly slipped and he fell three metres to the ground. The injuries he sustained in the fall were severe: he had a fractured left hand, broken right wrist, a gash above his temple and an injury to his brain.

Brett now cannot return to work in the same capacity – his physical injuries, particularly to his brain, will prevent him from ever doing so.

The Superannuation claim process for a physical injury

If you are injured at work, and those injuries have affected your ability to perform employment activities, you can pursue a claim for superannuation insurance benefits. These benefits can be claimed in addition to your WorkCover claim.

Due to his injury occurring at work, Brett knew he’d be able to claim WorkCover entitlements – but the process for claiming superannuation insurance was a little more intimidating.

Despite what happened to him, he said, the insurance companies would have made the process difficult for him to claim his full Superannuation insurance entitlements.

“A lot of people like myself don’t know the process that you can go through and how much it’ll cost,” Brett said. “But with the No Win No Fee structure, you know you have nothing to lose.”

Not only that, but the process is made simpler when an expert lawyer is involved and can do all the work for you.

“Superannuation claims can be complex, and insurance companies are not always easy to deal with,” said Joshua Bond, Brett’s lawyer. “Having a lawyer engaged from the outset ensures all your benefits are obtained and any barriers presented by insurers can be swiftly challenged.”

How pursuing a Superannuation Insurance claim helped Brett move forward

While he cannot return to his work operating heavy vehicles due to his extensive physical and psychological injuries, Brett is at least financially supported during his period of recovery thanks to the settlement that Joshua and the team secured for him.

“I have been able to pay off my house, and have the financial stress eliminated while I focus on everything else, including my ongoing recovery,” Brett said.

“I couldn’t be happier with the service that Joshua and the team provided, and I would absolutely recommend the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker to anyone else going through a similar situation.”

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