Injured on an airplane? You might be entitled to compensation

56 Australians were on-board the Singapore Airlines flight that experienced severe turbulence on Monday, with eight of those injured and being treated in a hospital in Bangkok. In total, 18 people were hospitalised.
The flight, bound for Singapore, was forced to make an emergency landing at Bangkok Airport after it hit severe turbulence over Myanmar. 
Even though it was an international flight, these passengers may be entitled to compensation for their physical and psychological trauma under the Montreal Convention.
Sara Kaurin, Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer, has previously sought compensation for clients who have been injured during airplane turbulence.
“Under this Convention, air carriers are strictly liable for proven damages up to approx $250,000AUD, if their injuries were caused by an “accident” on board the flight,” Sara said.
Sara says that generally, severe cases of turbulence constitute an ‘accident’ because they are sudden, unexpected and unusual.
As of July 2019, the Montréal Convention required airlines to pay for proven losses as a consequence of proven bodily injury.

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