Why do I need a lawyer for a TAC claim?

What is the TAC Scheme?

When Victorian motorists pay their vehicle registration, they also pay an insurance premium as part of this – the TAC charge. This money is used to support people injured in road accidents. This also means that TAC will help pay for medical expenses related to the accident injuries if the claim is accepted.

Unlike some other states, Victoria has a “no-fault” scheme which means you can lodge a claim regardless of who was at fault. This means you can lodge a claim even if you caused the accident.

Why you need a lawyer for a TAC claim

While the TAC scheme has extensive benefits to assist you with any physical and mental injuries after an accident, it is important for you to have a lawyer on your side to help manage your claim and ensure you are getting the full benefit of your entitlements.

Having a lawyer can also help take the pressure of you – we can handle all the paperwork for you, while keeping you informed throughout the process.

Why choose Arnold Thomas & Becker to assist you with your TAC claim

Being injured in a traffic accident is, of course, a traumatic experience. Your first priority is your health and well-being but as soon as possible after the incident, you should take steps in preparation for lodging a claim. It’s important to record as many details of the situation as you can as this will help in the processing of your claim. For more information about what you should do after an accident, visit our TAC page.

We understand this is a difficult time and we will operate with care and compassion with you to collect this vital information without putting undue pressure on you. We are the experts in TAC claims and will make this process as simple as possible for you.

Before lodging your claim with the TAC we strongly recommend you contact us for independent legal advice to ensure you receive the maximum compensation benefits. We’ll make the whole process simple and stress-free. Consultation is free with no obligations, and remember we operate on a No Win No Fee basis.

Client success story

In early 2021 our client was riding a motorcycle on the Princes Highway when he was struck by a driver that drifted into his lane after falling asleep at the wheel, causing our client to suffer horrific spinal injuries requiring major surgical intervention. The incident destroyed his capacity to work and caused substantial restrictions on his ability to undertake ordinary activities of daily living.

Our client was ultimately awarded in excess of $1.7 million in compensation for pain and suffering and economic loss damages.

For more client success stories, visit our Testimonials page.

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