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If you don’t win, there’s no fee

At Arnold Thomas & Becker, we understand that a personal injury might have a devastating impact on your financial position and that you may be unable to pay for legal fees. We also believe that people with valid claims shouldn’t be excluded from the legal system simply because they’re unable to afford a lawyer.

That’s why we operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ payment system, which means if you are injured at work, on the road, or in public, there are no costs upfront and you only have to pay us if you win.

Some other law firms have a similar ‘no win, no fee’ payment system, except in the fine print they hide that you still have to pay out-of-pocket expenses if you lose. If your claim is unsuccessful with us, we won’t charge you any fees or expenses at all.

Some other firms require you to take out a ‘litigation loan’ with a finance company. You are charged an exorbitant rate of interest, loan approval fees, draw down fees and annual review fees. We do not charge our clients any fees at all on the expenses we pay on their behalf.

Sometimes in smaller settlements, fees can be disproportionate to the amount of compensation received. In such cases we often reduce our costs to maximise our clients’ compensation.

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