Greg Mortimer Cruise COVID-19 Outbreak Class Action

Arnold Thomas & Becker Lawyers are investigating the alleged negligence of cruise liner, Greg Mortimer which led to the COVID-19 infection of approximately 130 passengers and crew. The basis of this investigation is to uncover failings of cruise liner owner operator, Aurora Expeditions to protect passengers and staff from an outbreak of COVID-19, despite embarking on the tour four days after the World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic

All passengers and crew are eligible for compensation

We are looking to represent all passengers and crew. All passengers and crew are eligible for compensation for damages, distress and injury suffered as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Sunday March 15th, 2020 the Greg Mortimer cruise left Argentinian port of Ushuaia carrying around 217 passengers and crew.

Within a week of the voyage at sea, passengers and crew started to present with COVID-19 symptoms. It is alleged that cruise owner operator, Aurora Expeditions had encouraged the ship’s Doctor to exaggerate and minimise the seriousness of the outbreak on-board. This led to an exacerbation of the outbreak, which could have been contained if handled correctly.

To add to the severity of this allegation, passengers were left with little choice to join the cruise after being told they would receive no refund if they forfeited their trip, despite the global pandemic.

If you were a passenger or crew member on-board this cruise or are a bereaved family member of someone who has passed away, you are entitled to significant compensation payouts including;

  • A full refund of the cost of your trip
  • Damages covering distress and disappointment
  • Loss of wages
  • Medical costs
  • Personal injury compensation covering COVID-19 infection, psychological injuries or the loss of a loved one

Compensation could be available to all passengers and crew, regardless of whether they have suffered infection of COVID-19.

Arnold Thomas & Becker want to hold Aurora Expeditions accountable and maximise your compensation entitlements.

Along with your fellow passengers and crew there’s strength in numbers.