28th Quills: Regional and Rural Journalism, sponsored by TAC

Arnold Thomas & Becker is committed to helping survivors of abuse seek justice and move forward with their lives. We aim to hold organisations and institutions to account and make survivors aware of their entitlements.

We are inspired by the bravery of our clients for not only having the courage to come forward and seek justice, but also for having the trust to speak out about their experiences. It’s not easy to take those initial steps in pursing legal action and speaking about the trauma of abuse, but being believed, acknowledged and supported can help survivors rebuild their lives and change the lives of others.

Whilst we work hard to spread the word of the injustices that we come across, we are also reliant on the support of reputable media organisations to elevate important issues and make members of the public aware of incidents such as institutional abuse and the entitlements of survivors.

We were pleased to learn that recently one of the journalists that we have collaborated with, won the 2022 Regional and Rural Journalism Quill for ‘Institutional abuse: A city’s scars laid bare”. Harrison Tippet of the Geelong Advertiser who prepared the feature was empathetic and his commitment to exposing these issues resulted in positive outcomes, with more than 12 more survivors coming forward to launch legal action. This demonstrates the power of the voice of the survivor in reaching others.

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As a leading Australian Abuse firm, we have helped hundreds of brave abuse survivors obtain compensation for physical, psychological and sexual abuse in intuitional settings. Money can’t take the pain away, however, it can help achieve clarity and closure. We have extensive experience in obtaining ground-breaking multi-million dollar payments for our clients. Visit our Institutional Abuse page for more information or call us on 1300 333 300.