Aldi sued over sale chaos injury

An elderly woman is suing supermarket giant Aldi after she suffered a fractured hip when she was struck by a trolley and fell to the ground at a Victorian store during a television buying frenzy.

The 73-year-old Geelong woman, who does not want to be named, was injured during a “special buys” sale at the Corio supermarket in August last year.

Arnold Thomas and Becker Lawyers principal Jodie Harris, who is representing the injured woman, said that there had been only six large screen televisions available in the store that day.

“There was no security outside and no one seeking to control the entry once the doors opened,” Ms Harris said.

“There had been quite a quite a high level of interest in these particular televisions.

“The doors opened and there was a bit of a rush of some people going in, and my client was hit with a trolley by another customer and she fell to the ground in front of everyone else who was trying to enter.

“Some people just walked around her. Someone lifted a trolley up over the top of her to continue on to get their television and she sort of dragged herself up.

“There was one other customer who did assist her, but there weren’t any Aldi staff there who were providing any assistance at all.”

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