Bendigo Hospital patient claims male workers sexually assaulted her while sedated

A woman who allegedly woke in hospital to two male technicians assaulting her claims the incident left her so afraid to fall asleep that she suffered a stroke.

Lee, not her real name, alleges that the two men groped her breasts and touched her legs and neck while she was sedated ahead of a CAT scan after she was admitted to Bendigo Hospital.

The 55-year-old allegedly woke up to find the pair standing over her while they touched her, before she screamed and pushed them off.

Lee has engaged Arnold Thomas and Becker to launch legal action against Bendigo Health, who she alleges failed to prevent the alleged assault.

Lee’s lawyer David Thomas said Lee hoped to prevent anyone else from being assaulted by suing the healthcare provider.

“Lee was exploited while she was most vulnerable, by people who were supposed to care for her.”

Read more at The Herald Sun.

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