Crown waiter claims high-roller smoke caused his lung cancer

A Crown casino waiter diagnosed with terminal lung cancer has launched legal action against the gambling giant after he was regularly exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke in one of the venue’s high-roller rooms.

Dien Nguyen alleges in a Supreme Court writ that his job in the casino’s Mahogany Room – where patrons were permitted to smoke because of a special exemption from the Victorian government – had “caused or materially contributed” to his cancer diagnosis.

The 39-year-old had worked in the gaming room reserved for high-rollers since 2014 and was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020, before undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy over the past two years.

Arnold Thomas & Becker managing director Lee Flanagan said he would seek to have the case expedited because of his client’s terminal prognosis.

“Mr Nguyen’s work at Crown casino will eventually cost him his life. Crown casino and the state government, which granted the exemption, were aware of the risks of tobacco smoke causing cancer, but nonetheless, willingly exposed workers to this risk,” Flanagan said.

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