Former graffiti removalist receives compo payout from council contractor

A former graffiti removalist who developed an irreversible lung disease has won a payout from Citywide Service Solutions, which is owned by Melbourne City Council.

Frank, who did want to use his last name, claimed he was not offered any respiratory protective equipment when he cut bluestone with an angle grinder and removed graffiti during his decades-long employment with Citywide Service Solutions.

Frank, who recently settled a civil claim with Citywide Service Solutions, said while it was too late for him, he wanted to speak out to ensure others did not go through something similar.

“If something doesn’t feel right, and you aren’t provided safety equipment at your workplace when you feel you should be, speak up and insist,” he said.

Arnold Thomas & Becker senior legal executive Stuart Coutts, whose firm represented Frank, said Citywide Service Solutions failed in their duty of care to their client.

“Frank now lives with a lifelong illness requiring ongoing treatment with no cure, caused by the lack of protection he was provided by his employer while inhaling damaging airborne particulates,” he said.

“He is unable to return to work in any capacity – he is unemployable. This means he has suffered significant loss of earnings and will have no future earning capacity.”

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