Former road maintenance worker Glenn Dorain set to sue Brimbank Council after spider bite

A former council worker who had part of his foot amputated after a spider bite says his colleagues were offered bug spray when they raised concerns about workplace safety.

Glenn Dorain was employed by Brimbank Council as a road maintenance worker when he was bitten by a white-tail spider while swapping into work boots in the locker room at the council yards in Keilor Park in April last year.

Mr Dorain knew he had been bitten but did not think much of it until two weeks later when it became infected, leading to the amputation of his little toe and part of his foot.

Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer Jennifer Lay, who is representing Mr Dorain, said she hoped she could secure compensation for her client so he could move on with his life.

“Glenn is your typical, hard-working family man. This failure has significantly impacted not only his life, but has had a flow-on effect on the lives of his wife, sons and grandchildren,” she said.

“Brimbank Council should have had a better risk assessment in place. A fumigation is a cheap and easy fix. Glenn’s story is a reminder to workplaces to be more diligent and look out for their workers to ensure these types of incidents can be avoided.”

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