Girl claims Williamstown High staff failed to act on sex abuse reports

A schoolgirl who claims she repeatedly raised the alarm to Williamstown High staff that she was being sexually abused is suing the state for her teachers’ lack of action.

The girl, aged 12 to 15, says she reported allegations of rape and assault by her Scout leader to the public school’s wellbeing co-ordinator, social worker and even the deputy principal between 2004 and 2006.

The court writ, filed by leading abuse firm Arnold Thomas & Becker, states that all three Williamstown High staff had the power to alert authorities, while the deputy principal and wellbeing co-ordinator had a statutory duty to report the allegations.

But the student says they did not investigate her claims, make any reports to authorities or ensure she was safe from danger.

Now seeking a civil trial by jury, she’s suing the State of Victoria for injury, loss and damage.

The student said she hoped “they take some type of responsibility because it’s changed my life”.

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