Hundreds of Victorian schools facing historic child sex abuse claims

More than one in ten Victorian schools is now under investigation for historic sexual abuse, with more than 500 former students potentially claiming up to one billion dollars in compensation.

One law firm, Arnold Thomas & Becker, is investigating historical abuse allegations on behalf of more than 470 students from over 300 Victorian -schools. This represents more than 10 per cent of the 2290 schools across Victoria.

Since the Herald Sun last reported on the firm back in September 2023 — when it was investigating claims from 260 former students from 180 schools — hundreds more students have come forward.

The claims include 18 from Brighton Grammar, 18 from the former Christian Brothers College, 12 from Rosebud High and 12 from St Patrick’s College in Ballarat.

Many more students from both private and public schools are seeking compensation through other firms.

Kim Price, head of Arnold Thomas & Becker’s institutional abuse practice, said his firm received “hundreds of calls each month, hearing of the pervasive abuse of students over decades in both private and state-run schools.

“The more people hear of the experiences of others, or find out that there was a pedophile in their school, the more they speak out.”

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