Injured passengers could be entitled to payout following horror Singapore Airlines flight

Passengers injured in the deadly Singapore Airlines flight could each receive more than a quarter of a million dollars in compensation, said Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer, Sara Kaurin.

Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321, bound for Singapore from London, was forced to make an emergency landing at Bangkok airport just before 4pm local time after the plane hit severe turbulence over Myanmar.

Among 211 passengers and 18 crew onboard, about 70 people sustained injuries and a 73-year-old man lost his life.

“Passengers would, at the very least be entitled, to $250,000 if they have suffered injuries, and these injuries will be determined by looking at their losses,” Sara said.

“(That will depend on) what treatment expenses they’ve incurred – if they had time off work, how much time they’ve had off work, and generally the impact the accident has had on them.

“All they need to prove is that an accident happened on board the airline or last embarking or disembarking.

“An accident is taken to mean an unexpected event that’s external to the passenger.”

If you were a passenger who was injured on Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 and you would like to know if you’re eligible for compensation, you can call Sara today on 1300 333 300.

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