Kathleen Morris prepares to launch legal action over facelift horror at Melbourne clinic

Our client, who was left with permanent scarring and paralysis after a facelift, is preparing to launch legal action against the cosmetic surgeon who operated on her.
Kathleen Morris had dreams to work as cabin crew for Jetstar but said she was now a “shell of a person” after she underwent the procedure with a surgeon at the Melbourne clinic.
The operation was a routine day surgery performed under localised anaesthetic but Ms Morris said it did little to numb the pain.
“It was the most horrific thing ever,” she said.
“I sat in the chair while he stuck needles in my face to numb it, but they didn’t work. I felt and heard the cutting of my own skin, as well as blood pouring down my face. I would scream that I could feel it and he would stop and jab more needles into my face.”
Ms Morris said she could smell her flesh as the surgeon tried cauterisation to quell the bleeding and the following day her face was extremely swollen.
Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer, Travis Fewster, said he hoped legal action could bring closure for Ms Morris.
“We hope that by bringing these parties to account, we can send a message to any dodgy practises out there that they won’t get away with it and justice will be served, to save other people going through the same pain that Kathleen faces every day,” he said.

Read this media story at The Herald Sun.

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