Mother of coward punch victim Luke Francis sues Crown Casino over alleged negligence 

The heartbroken mother of coward punch victim Luke Francis is suing Crown Casino, alleging staff were negligent for failing to kick out her son’s killer prior to the attack.

Tyson Armstrong, 28, was jailed for 10 years over the assault in the casino’s food court in March last year, with a Supreme Court judge describing him as a “violent and drunken thug”.

Mr Francis’ mother, Michelle Harris, has now launched legal action against Crown, claiming it should have done more to protect her son.

Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer Travis Fewster is representing Ms Harris and said Crown needed to be held to account to prevent future similar incidents.

“Security employed by Crown Casino failed in their duty to protect patrons when, prior to the assault, Armstrong was intoxicated, aggressive, and threatening – but was allowed to remain at the premises. This is also in spite of the fact that a glass of alcohol had already been removed from him by security,” he said.

“Had he been removed from the premises earlier, he would not have had the opportunity to assault and ultimately take the life of an innocent man who did nothing to provoke him.

“Nothing will ever take away the pain of this senseless loss for his family, but we hope to hold Crown accountable and prevent another tragedy like this from happening to anyone else at these types of venues.”

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