Music icon’s daughter sues State

The daughter of Aussie music icon Russell Morris has alleged she was the victim of shocking child sexual abuse at Sandringham College in the 1990s.

Jaime Allan, now 43, last month filed documents in the Victorian Supreme Court claiming a school employee who was not a teacher gave her alcohol and sexually abused her in his hotel room on a overseas drama trip to London in 1995.

She is suing the state government, claiming it is liable for the employee’s conduct. Ms Allan was 15 at the time and says the abuse she suffered on the trip crushed her dreams of being a successful actress.

Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer Kim Price said: “At the hands of a staff member she was supposed to trust, this vulnerable young woman was allegedly repeatedly subjected to sexual abuse on a school trip. The abuse she suffered has caused lifelong trauma which can be attributed to the failure of the school to protect her.”

Ms Price said seeking compensation through the courts could leave survivors of child sexual abuse millions of dollars better off than by going through government redress schemes.

“The school did not do enough to protect this aspiring young drama student from sexual abuse,” Ms Price said.

“The school owed a duty of care to Ms Allan and it has breached this duty.

“As a result of that breach she has suffered significant injuries and is seeking damages.”

Picture: Ian Currie

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