Nearly 400 Victorians taking legal action over alleged abuse at more than 200 schools

Nearly 400 Victorians are taking legal action over alleged abuse suffered at more than 200 state and private schools, prompting calls for a full statewide inquiry.
Nearly 100 more people have lodged claims with Arnold Thomas & Becker Lawyers in the past six months, now covering more than one in 10 schools across the state.
Claims include abuse which allegedly took place as recently as 2019, with allegations against some perpetrators covering more than two decades.
Arnold Thomas & Becker head of abuse practice Kim Price said the government “can longer turn a blind eye to the number of allegations which continue to be made”.
“It’s time the government formally called for the appointment of a parliamentary committee to prove the systematic sexual abuse of children in Victorian schools”.
He said some “schools failed to follow up on allegations, and in a number of cases, sought to cover up reports of abuse”.
“We have also come across numerous instances where pedophile teachers in the state school system were moved between schools in an attempt to hide any issues,” Mr Price said.

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