Alleged Shafiul Milky victims approach law firm

A survivor of GP Shafiul Milky, who committed multiple sexual offences against his patients, has detailed the trauma she suffered during her decade-long fight for justice.

Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer Jodie Harris said as more women came forward, the firm’s investigations indicated there had been a number of complaints made to Peninsula Family Medical Practice and AHPRA.

“We are now looking into what the medical practice and AHPRA had done to protect female patients,” she said.

A number of these women have alleged Milky was strongly advocating for breast examinations or internal vaginal examination even when these procedures were not related to the reason they had scheduled a medical appointment, the firm said.

“We have also heard from a number of women that Dr Milky was overprescribing breast examinations and Pap smears,” she said.

“Some of our clients have advised that Dr Milky led them to believe that their health was at risk and that they should have these procedures immediately.”

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