State care abuse: Indigenous man reveals horror treatment in hostel

A vulnerable Indigenous boy who was routinely raped, physically abused and bullied in state care has reached a $1.3m settlement with the Victorian government.
Quinton, who did not want to use his last name, was sent to the Bert Williams Hostel in Thornbury as a teenager in the 1980s after he was involved in a minor theft.
He was subject to regular sexual and physical abuse, including being raped by three other residents on his first night.
Arnold Thomas and Becker lawyer Lachlan Macfarlane said Quinton was a vulnerable young teenager who the state failed to look out for.
“Despite many years of shame and anger, Quinton has done his best to help others, including working as a disability advocate and carer,” he said.
“While compensation cannot take away Quinton’s trauma and suffering, this settlement has given him a strong sense of validation and justice, which will help him move forward.”

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