Student forced by teacher Mark Veysey to strip naked at Kew’s Glendonald School for the Deaf

A former student whose teacher forced him to strip naked during “sex education” classes at a school for the deaf has won a $1m payout.

Mark Veysey, a teacher at Kew’s Glendonald School for the Deaf, repeatedly forced the “vulnerable” nine-year-old boy to strip and expose his genitalia to him in front of other students, claiming it was for educational purposes.

Steve, not his real name, suffered the abuse at the school in 1978 and 1979.

Steve’s lawyer Aleksandar Dukovski, of Arnold Thomas and Becker, said Veysey “preyed on the vulnerability of his students forcing them to expose themselves to him and each other for his own sexual gratification”.

“He found amusement and humour in his actions. When his requests were denied, he used physical force to hit his students if they did not comply,” he said.

“Veysey had a very controlling demeanour and ruled over his students in an authoritarian manner through fear and intimidation. He would tell them not to tell their parents or the other teachers.”

The law firm are aware of at least six victims who suffered Veysey’s sexual abuse while at the school.

Mr Dukovski said the students were especially vulnerable because of their hearing impairments, as well as their young age.

“Veysey exploited his power and authority as a teacher to create the occasion that allowed the abuse to occur,” he said.

“Had the state better supervised him and the manner in which he conducted his classes the abuse could have been prevented.”

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