Tomislav Perinovic sues Dr Abid-Ur Rahman, Melbourne Health for damages after Tullamarine murder-suicide

The heartbroken husband of Tullamarine mum Katica Perinovic – who killed their three children before taking her own life – is suing his wife’s doctor and hospital for negligence.

The lawsuit alleges the doctor and hospital were negligent in treating and managing Ms Perinovic’s mental health in the lead up to the tragedy.

The writ – filed in the Supreme Court last week – states Ms Perinovic was “under the care and treatment” of Dr Rahman and Melbourne Health between November 9, 2020, and January 14, 2021.

Mr Perinovic alleges he suffered “severe psychiatric injury” as a result of the tragedy.

Arnold Thomas & Becker managing partner Lee Flanagan said the tragedy had been a “traumatic experience” for Mr Perinovic.

“We have issued a claim against the hospital and doctor that the wife had sought treatment from,” he said.

“Our investigations will seek to determine whether the two defendants had been negligent in the treatment and management of the wife’s mental health.”

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