Simon Illingworth

Lee Flanagan of Arnold Thomas and Becker

Dear Lee,

Arnold Thomas and Becker were terrific help to me in really tough times. I will not forget.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Illingworth

Robert Benham

To Larry Dent and the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker

Just writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding professional support in my legal situation.

I am sincerely grateful and amazed on how well the outcome of this settlement went.

Larry you have gone above and beyond any expectation I had so again I thank you and pray that God blesses you and the firm.

I would also like to thank the Relations Manager, Sadet Ibrahimovic on her gracious and courteous manner towards me in this matter and for taking the burden which otherwise I would had have to carry.

Thanks again

Robert Benham

God Bless

Alan Finch

Dear Anne

I wanted to thank you from the heart for all you have done to help me over the last few years.

You have been the best lawyer that anyone could ask for. But you have been more than that. You have also been a friend.

While this legal journey has often been distressing and even painful, what you have done to help me all way has been to get to the place where I am now. That is a place where I can now hopefully gain some closure on what has affected me so deeply.

Anne, I also want to thank the partners at Arnold, Thomas & Becker for taking my case on and supporting me all the way. Anne, if you happen to see Jonathan and Tim, would you please pass on my heart felt thanks and gratitude to them both please. Also Anne what I wanted to express to you was my acknowledgement that I understand that my case has not always been easy for you either and often stressful. What you do and how you do it I am sure would be positively life-changing for many of your clients. Deep thank you also to your assistants Nat and Emma. Thank you Anne from the bottom of my heart. You are a very special person on this earth.

Best wishes Always,

Alan Finch

Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year 2007

Haydar Sobh

Arnold Thomas and Becker represented me in helping me with my TAC claim.

The service provided and result they obtained well exceeded any expectation.

My phone calls were always returned. I consistently received clear and informative updates and advice.

The TAC made a final offer before my case was about to go to hearing and I was not happy with it.

Arnold Thomas and Becker fought for my rights in court for five days and I got a jury verdict for compensation which was well over $100,000.00 greater than the TAC’s final offer.

I am very happy with my solicitor Larry Dent and would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Geraldine Zungia-Brant

I would like to say thank you to you and your team on behalf of my mother and me for the positive outcome for Mum’s case.

I know this hasn’t been a straightforward matter, and I appreciate all your efforts and communications over the past couple of years. There were times when I didn’t think we would get anywhere with it, but at least the compensation Mum received will help her out in her day to day life.

I would be more than happy to recommend any friends or relatives to your practice in the future and will contact you if we require your services again.

Once again, many thanks.

Dean Rajevic

Arnold Thomas & Becker exceeded my expectations in relation to my TAC claim. They were always responsive to any concerns or queries that I had. Ultimately they achieved a fantastic result for me. Arnold Thomas & Becker looked after everything for me and I hardly had to deal with TAC at all, which was very comforting for me after everything I had been through. Although my life will never be the same again since my accident, my lawyers have ensured that I am in the best possible situation to make the most of my circumstances. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Arnold Thomas & Becker to others in my situation.

Paul Sedley

I am very happy with the service and result I obtained through Arnold Thomas and Becker. Had my wife not contacted Arnold Thomas and Becker, and had not Lee and Carolyn not supported us, I do not think we would have obtained the result we achieved. The people at Arnold Thomas and Becker were very helpful and got the ball rolling for me to get compensation for my injury. Everyone at Arnold Thomas and Becker was very professional and treated me well. The barristers were extremely supportive, and the bill wasn’t expensive. If anyone asks me whom I saw for my claim, I will strongly recommend Arnold Thomas and Becker.

Pauline & Shane McKay

We would like to thank Lee and the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker for the great job that has been done on maximising the positive result for Shane. The entire process although stressful, was very smooth for us and we were kept informed at all times. We are totally thrilled with the service provided and the outcome achieved. It has been well beyond what we expected.

Lorraine Traupel

Dear Lee and Staff

Just a note to say how much I appreciated all your advice, your mammoth effort and your kindness throughout our “journey”. It certainly was interesting and quite a challenge for me at times!

All the very best to you.


Lorraine Traupel

Sean Leggett

Thank you all so much for everything you have done; we just received the cheque in the mail.

My sister, brother and myself are very pleased with the way Arnold Thomas & Becker looked after our matter, and in a manner which was very sensitive to us after the sad loss of our wonderful, loving mother.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We would particularly like to thank Lee, Lisa and her legal assistant Adam for everything. Thank you.

Bandujeeva Muthuthanthirige

My wife was seriously injured during the course of a simple operation. The affect on our family was devasting. My solicitor, Anne Shortall proceeded with a medical negligence claim. The case was very complex and my family situation was very stressful. Anne provided me with emotional support throughout this case. The barristers involved in my case, Mr Tim Tobin S.C. and Ms Marietta Bylhouwer were excellent and Anne’s secretary Natalie was very kind and helpful.

The compensation that was paid will now help me to care for my wife properly for the rest of our lives. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Arnold Thomas & Becker to any injured person.

Eranda Gunathilake

I would like to thank both Lee Flanagan and Lisa Treeby for your time and effort in helping me and my family gain the best out of the situation we were in.

I can now move on with my life and put this incident behind me and I believe that both of you had a major part in helping me achieve this.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I wish you all the best in times to come.

Jason Sims

I would like to thank Lee Flanagan, Jonathan Brett Barrister at Law, and the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker for representing me during my three and a half year legal journey.

I obtained a serious back injury at work in 2004. I sought legal advice from Lee in 2005 and was informed I had a strong case, from whence my legal journey began. The advice that Lee, in partnership with Jonathan Brett provided me, was outstanding and both were always encouraging and positive toward the outcome I would receive.

The best thing I did was to leave all the legal problems to Lee and his team and try to move on with my life, which I did by finding new employment that I was capable of doing and retraining my life for the future. I also attended every doctors appointment Workcover sent me to. I tried to stay positive and forget about the legal process that was taking place.

Mr rights for Pain and Suffering were fought out in a four day court hearing; the result was outstanding. I received $95,000.00 more than Workcover’s final offer, prior to commencement of the hearing.

Although I will never have a day free of pain I know that Lee and the team at Arnolod Thomas & Becker did their best for me and the compensation will help make things a little easier to bear.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lee Flanagan and Arnold Thomas & Becker to anyone who has a work-cover injury. My advice to you would be to let Lee and his team worry and take care of the legal side and for you to concentrate on trying to live and cope with the injury whilst trusting the advice of your legal team.

Again, to Lee Flanagan and the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker, a big thank you from my wife and myself.

Jason Sims


I had been to two other law firms for assistance with my Workcover Claim prior to coming to see Arnold Thomas and Becker. When I first came to see Arnold Thomas and Becker I was thinking about giving up with my claim as it was all getting too hard and I felt that I was not getting anywhere. However the support that Arnold Thomas and Becker provided to me from the very first meeting gave me the confidence to continue with my claim.

Nothing was ever too much trouble for the staff at Arnold Thomas and Becker.

I cannot say thankyou enough to Arnold Thomas and Becker and would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with a Workcover Claim.

S. Tindall

Gwen Lovell

Arnold Thomas and Becker represented me in my Workcover claim.

I would never have been able to get through these difficult times without the help of Lee Flanagan and his team of staff.

I am very pleased with my outcome.

Yours Sincerely

Gwen Lovell

John Rogers

I went to see other personal injury solicitors and after many years and not keeping in touch with me, they told me that I had no claim.

After a few more years, I went to see Arnold Thomas and Becker. I found they always kept me informed as what was going on and they always kept me confident about winning.

After 13 months when I first saw them I received a settlement worth more than $500,000.00.

I highly recommend their services

John Rogers 11 June 2010.

Leah Hayden

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your highly qualified staff for all the assistance, compassion and understanding given to me in my recent legal requirements.

Not only did your staff keep me fully informed of all proceedings in a timely manner but they always made themselves available to answer any concerns I may have had. The were extremely professional and courtious in every way and always made me feel that my questions were valid.

I hope you don’t mind but I have taken the liberty of refering your company to several people I have come in contact with during my legal proceedings as well as some friends who may need legal assistance in the future. I was more than happy to recommended your services to them.

I would like to also advise you that one particular staff member (Dianna who is Lisa Treby’s assistant) was the nicest person to deal with, I hope she realises how much support she gave me.

Once again thank you for all your assistance and please feel free to use this letter to allow future clients to see that they are dealing with a totally professional and caring company.

Yours truly

Leah Hayden

Settlement Cheque

Thanks to Arnold Thomas & Becker for the most satisfactory result in my claim against Victoria Police for my false arrest and surrounding ordeal for me and my family.

My further appreciation to my lawyer, Lisa Treeby, who remembered a small final request and sent to me a copy of the settlement cheque to be framed for ongoing therapeutic value. She remembered this even though my request was verbal on the day of the hearing at the County Court, when we were all busy. Lisa has shown me that Arnold Thomas & Becker care not only about the litigation, but also very much about the client.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone at Arnold Thomas & Becker or who worked with the firm, who was directly instrumental in the successful outcome of my case.

What happened is still something that I think about on a daily basis, but now also with a feeling of elation and relief, thanks to Lisa and ATB.

Top of the World

Both Lee Flanagan and Kim Price have been fantastic – the job that Lee and Kim did for me for the past 7 ½ years is just a fantastic job. I’ve been through ups and downs but they have always been so great to me.

I am on top of the world right now and the work that they have done for me I just can’t believe it. From 2004 until 2012 all I can say is what a fantastic job! They have pulled through for me and what I got was just fantastic.

I would like to thank Arnold Thomas and Becker very much for all their hard work.


The compensation I received for my TAC claim was so much higher than I expected. It has brought a lot of relief to my wife, my family and myself. We certainly appreciate Michel’s endeavours to obtain the maximum compensation on our behalf.

Billijo Wegener

I would like to say a big thank you to Joseph Ridley and the team at Arnold Thomas & Becker for representing me in my WorkCover matter. I had to fight the insurance company to get my WorkCover entitlements and Arnold Thomas & Becker were there fighting with me every step of the way. I was very happy with my legal team and the compensation they helped me get. Billijo Wegener, WorkCover client

Peter F

Well, hello there dear Miss Kelly Schober,

As you can imagine, I’m sure, this letter is really from Peter, but of course, he and computers and keyboards and letter writing are not his forte…… so here I am on his behalf, but also on my behalf too.

It’s been a while in coming, but this letter is way overdue, compared to the immediacy that was planned for it.

Peter and I would like to send you a huge thank you to yourself, Aemon, and the rest of the team who worked on Peter’s Workcover claim over these past few years.

It was quite an eye opener for even myself, when the nitty gritty of his work and manual, laborious everyday tasks over the years became so clear, thus making me wonder how this man has kept getting up every day to go and do the same again, given the severity of his now proven health issues.

I want to thank you for your patience, knowing that completing questionnaires and the complex relevant paperwork for the case is not something that comes easy for Peter. But we got there together!

Since the case was finalised, Peter gave himself permission to put his work/life/health into true perspective, knowing that he is struggling more and more every day – particularly during the colder months, and make some serious life-changing decisions. Therefore, we have recently begun the process of sub-dividing the rear one acre section of our 2.5acre home block, and plan to sell the acre to allow Peter to retire. The funds from the case have given him the opportunity to cover the finances involved to do a sub division. Our semi rural area is allowed to reduce blocks to minimum of one acre, so this will be a way he can rest his very tired, sore body, as he deserves. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot commit to owning another horse in future, as my work load in maintaining the property has increased as Peter is now doing virtually nothing he loves outdoors. He is particularly bad now, being Winter, and remains inside in the warmth once home from work. He does most of the cooking now and potters inside where he’s most comfortable. He will begin a change to work days this week, and reduced hours, however to do this, he will be working both Saturday and Sunday with a penalty rate so he doesn’t lose too much pay wise, but can have 3 work free days in the week to recover. He gave up so many weekends in the past for work…. I wish he wouldn’t do them again, but he is excited to have 3 days of rest per week! We hope the sub division will take less than 12 months, as the neighbour recently did the same and that was the time frame. We had not ever thought we would part with part of our “dream”, but seeing the neighbour go ahead, Peter realised he could use the settlement funds to bring about the rest he needs, permanently.

So, in short, with your expertise and patience, you have given Peter the chance to look after his body the best he can in the future, to enjoy the best quality of life he can, given his health circumstances. He did the hard yards all those years, and I still believe was a one in a million employee. I know we don’t have to share the above paragraph with you, but would like you to know, and be reassured, that your work has definitely enabled Peter to improve his quality of life, as he should, given his history. To endure the hardships of work as he did, to endure without complaint the pain he has for such a long time, then to endure all that a case like his put him through mentally, we are ever grateful to you for helping Peter to receive the justice he really did deserve.

It was a pleasure having you to deal with through the case. While both you and Aemon were professional at all times, you were also approachable, human and understanding that we are just ordinary folk, who really needed your patience to help us understand the proceedings and requirements of the case. I know that Peter never felt alone, and so often commented he didn’t understand, but was always made to feel comfortable with you and able to ask questions until he was sure he understood.

It was not a pleasant experience for Peter. He knew he was doing what was right, and knew he had done nothing wrong and his was an honest claim, but you enabled him to feel empowered to follow through and stick up for himself when he had no idea how to do that on his own.

As usual, I type more than I probably need to…. sorry for that.

This letter is for all the staff who assisted Peter to the very end of a scary and confusing experience.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We appreciate everything you have done for Peter.
Take care.
Keep up the good work.
You will never be forgotten.
You achieved what you set out to do with Peter – see it through and do what was right and fair.

Very kind regards,
Peter and Jane F
…and a special hug for Kelly

Kelvin Walsh

To Arnold, Thomas & Becker. When I first made contact with Kelly I was pleasantly surprised with the initial information given to me about my rights for compensation. What I thought would be an extremely arduous process was made very easy for myself because of the professionalism from Kelly, more than that was the caring and compassion shown towards me which made me feel at ease. When Kelly was busy, I received terrific support from Stephanie as well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Arnold Thomas & Becker to anybody who needs advice on their rights to compensation. A big thanks for all your help. Kelvin Walsh.

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